Remembering NYC

When I first stepped out of the hotel on a warm and muggy end of May morning. I wanted to go right back in through the revolving doors of the hotel I stayed at and come back out again as I was unexpectedly greeted with the sound of concrete drilling, traffic of local businesses setting up for the day.

At first glance it felt like I flew 4 hours booked a hotel room only to awaken in L.A. Don't hate me New Yorkers. I did end up failing for NYC but it wasn't love at first sight.

I found after the fact that I am not the only one who was shocked to find that NYC is not as glamorous as it appears in Sex N City. I know it's nieve but that's just why I was so surprised by my first impression.

So when did I fall in love with NYC. Days later after waiting in line with hundreds of people of many different ethnic origins waiting in line to see the city from the top of the Empire States building. And after witnessing the Statue of Liberty and learning about the struggles immigrants faced in coming to Ellis Island.

I feel in love with the city that could offer so much hope to so many people then and now. The city's word is definitely seek/achieve that desire to strive and make it. I had a wondrous curiosity for the city and it's people much like the little boy in the photograph staring at the green suited mime. I captured this moment of inquiry and fascination on a hastened walk across the park.

My trip to NYC can not be summed up in one blog .