Love Letters To Women

Intimate stories about women from the hearts of men.
I was anticipating seeing this play since I had first heard of it when it's producer and writer X first mentioned on a producing class I attended at Josefina's Workshops. I liked the idea of men confessing the good and bad influences women have been in their lives. And I wanted to see the full cycle of a development of a grassroots play unravel.

From the class it seemed that producing a play is much like planning a wedding. There are plenty of details to watch, and you have to schedule things out months in advance and work backwards to set deadlines such as when the script should be written to the auditioning of actors.

It was nice to see this project in completion. From the workshop, I learned about stuff I never would have considered such as differences between union actors and proper budgeting of the smallest details involved

The writer x, grew up in a household of 5 sisters, and a supportive mother and father. X confesses memorable accounts of small ways his sisters made influential impressions on his life. There were also the ugly stories which they share being screwed over by a woman's infidentality be it a mother, wife, or girlfriend. While the script could have been more polished, it proved to be an entertaining night such as when y and w talk about the same women Martha as an influential person as both aunt and girlfriend.

On the particular night that I went the audience wasn't laughing as much as other shows I attended. My sister, husband, and I were laughing hysterically at parts and I couldn't help to notice the front rows sitting a little stiff. In performance, the other component is the audience and in this case, the audience wasn't pulling its end. I watched them exit and most seemed uptight like they needed a good few drinks before the show or a good laugh.