On Living

This is another older post I found saved as a draft. Since I've been logging my journey. I'll post it now. 

After church we had another grueling soccer game. I wasn't completely in my element the second half of the game when I had to block two men who ran quickly past me leaving me quickly behind. 

After the soccer game, we came home to shower and get ready for my nephew's Baptism. It was a good party with a kid's mariachi band that sang. They were young and inexperienced but it made the party memorable. 

We are a good type of busy. In all of this, I am trying to keep myself centered and in good spirits. And I do enjoy it. 

We have a big family so it seems like there is always parties from June to October. There is a difference from oh, I'm chasing my tail to oh, I have a rich life and I am living it to the fullest, working on my dreams, spending time with my family. 

I remember Sunday afternoons, I used to think about having to go to work on Monday. It was sort of a downer. Now it's the pivotal moment of the weekend and I no longer think about Monday on Sunday.