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Lessons From A Sunday Morning Run

I started running with my boys on Sunday mornings at a forestry wilderness park. My husband has been running for years, and I was starting to join him more regularly, so we decided to take the boys out with us to see how they would do. I was hoping they wouldn't slow me down too much to get a good run in. To my surprise, Tony, my seven-year old youngest son, was a lot faster than I imagined. He's got a natural running stride that is light and quick. He ran along side me the whole way, practically running underneath my armpit. Every now and then I get reminded about just how much they have grown up. This was one of them. Running with my sons was a proud moment for me. We passed up bicyclist and hikers who were impressed they could venture out on this rugged six-mile trail at such a young age. I was most content because I knew what an awesome experience this was for all of us to be able to get up on a Sunday morning and run as a family. 

The run was a lot tougher for me though. I…

Museum of Sex

On our trip to NYC back in May, my husband and I stopped by the Museum of Sex. We obviously had an interesting time then and afterwards, when we went back to our hotel room. It's definitely not a must do if you are visiting NYC, but if your hotel is a few blocks and you have the downtime--this is something to do.
The first floor exhibit, Action ’Sex And The Moving Image’, had a written narration that chronicled how sex and sexual images have impacted our visual mediums-TV, advertising, the big screen, and the Internet. Along each placard, there was a large or small screen that displayed a video referenced in the narration. In all honesty, my husband read through all the history, I had a hard time concentrating because of the images. I tried reading, but I was just too distracted to make sense of the words. So, I pretended to read just like I did when I was 4. I didn't want to look like the pervert that only looks at the pictures. There was a large flat screen laid out horizont…

Vacation Closure New York City

I didn't finish the post and have since lost a lot of the detailed memories of the trip. But hey at least I see a sketch of what I remember.

I meant to blog a lot earlier about my wonderful trip to NYC but I couldn't find the words. There were so many different elements to my trip. Finally, I had to break it up into sections.

Love, Loss, and What I Wore
Love, Loss, and What I Wore is an Off Broadway Show I saw in NYC at the Westside Theatre.on May of 2010. A great show takes you on a wonderful journey, an unforgettable one takes you on a journey and brings your own truths again and again.

Empire States Building

Double Decker Bus

Central Park


Sex N City Tour / Sex N City Movie