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I like listen to Ted.com (Ideas Worth Spreading)  presentations while doing laundry. It has inspiring presentations on just about any subject. It's a great way to learn something new everyday. This talk by Ken Robinson stresses the importance of creativity.

I like to have unscheduled time during the weekends because I get to see my boys come up with all sorts of interesting ways to have fun and entertain themselves. They know already that when they tell me they are bored my usual response will be "Oh good! You're so lucky! That means we haven't over-scheduled ourselves. Now you get to decide what you want to do with your time." And, if they keep moping around the house, I tell them I could find ways to keep them busy by giving them some work to do. So I have seen them jump on boogie boards and slide down the stairs, I've seen spontaneous out burst of battles with swords, and all sorts of running around the house in costumes or not, jars of ants, praying mantis and frogs-things that would make some mothers cringe, and a house harder to keep up with. I move things out of the way, wrap pillows around the staircase posts, and I let them explore their creativity through their imaginations and play. Fortunately, my boys are more mellow  than hyperactive, so often time it's more Legos and quiet play than mud or running around. (I'm the mellow one in the family so if it's not genetic, it's definitely social.) Sights of creative play and imagination make me happy because I know my boys are getting what I had, a childhood.


  1. I'm reading Wild at Heart, a non-fiction on men's souls. Men are born to play battles and for adventure! Great that you are allowing your guys to find there joy in play.

  2. You sound like you are being a great mom to them! Letting them have a childhood will give them treasured memories.


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