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So what's with the title???

Ebbed on by my sister to get a blog... I find myself on my bed in my room registering for a blog faced with my most challenging decision of day. What should I call it? This A Girl Name Eve idea came to my mind earlier in the day when I was reading through my sister's and her friend's blog. They're the artsy creative type of writers whose words spill like poetry. I'm still trying to break out of my analytical side.

Anyways, this blog is dedicated to our first lady... Eve. Whether you believe in the Big Bang or Garden of Eden idea.... it really doesn't matter. At some point there must have been a female human species that started it all. That did it all her own without a sister to call, or a group of female friends to take a girls night out with. She had no other female to vent with. She was our first mother. First wife, our first lady. This one's for you Eve.

I feel that in a way we are all just like Eve venturing on our own in maybe just that one way where we have found that nobody else quite understands us, or that maybe we still haven't understood about selves. There are times when no matter how great of a support system system of friends, soulmates, and family, we have, there's some journeys we have to initiate on our own. The goal is not to stay there alone, hopefully. But at least by beginning on our own terms we're more likely to have set off on the right journey.


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Went to Memoir-Writing Workshop

I went to a memoir-writing workshop recently. I don't want to be the girl who cries at the slightest thing but, in this case, I was. They asked the question: who told you, you can't write? We had to state our writing demons, and then write out the dialog between this inner critique and our retaliation to their remarks. Ultimately, it is only ourselves that can hold us back from our own dreams. But sometimes we've internalized the voices of others tell us that we can't.  I'd done this exercise before privately, in my own bed, in my own room, and in my own journal but never out loud. When we were done, we had to go around the table and read the dialog. I was picked the first to go. Before I could even let out a word, my throat choked up, my face turn red, and my eyes began to water. I read and cried. We all cried. I thought I had left all that hurt hidden away on paper somewhere, and there it was strangling me. I can't begin to describe that whole situation with …
This is also from an older draft post. I've since been part of a show, an extraordinary experience I still have to blog about but I'd thought I'd still post these earlier thoughts.

I love writing so just having a story out their in print or online and getting commented on I thought was enough but as I was recently told by an actor, when your story is told on stage its a completely different experience because of the interaction between the actors and the audience.

In this play I definitely felt the chemistry. Now and days and even back in the old days it was so hard to make a motion picture. To tell one of our stories would cost thousands of dollars and an experienced Hollywood budget and staff. At CASA 0101 what you need is an idea and some ganas to make your story into a play. And best of all its a community event with a very grass roots feel.

Detained In The Desert

I went to see Josefina Lopez’s world premier play, “Detained In The Desert”. Josefina, known for her popular Real Women Have Curves, was vacationing in Arizona when SB 1070 was passed. She was unable to go to protest rallies held that night because of prior family commitments but Josefina had it in her heart to do something.  In the five years between 2003 and 2007, there was a 40 percent increase in crimes against Latinos. It’s no wonder considering the proliferation of “hate talk” that spews off the radio, TV, and internet and aims at infuriating the masses. In a climate saturated with negative propaganda, fear mongering, and increasing violence, what one would consider a random act of violence is in reality not so random after all. When we create a society that is so pitted against one another, our chance encounters become unavoidable collisions between unsuspecting individuals caught within the biome of the conflicted society in which we live. It’s like walking into a room with se…