A Road Back To Me

Sunday Night Family Art Circle

 I discovered I still have a long lost talent that I thought I probably no longer had. I went to the art store yesterday and bought paper, watercolor pencils, markers, and art instruction books to do art as a family and also to give my kids something to do on their downtime. I keep hearing how schools are not pushing out the arts and other essential skill and instead teaching for the test so it's more important than ever for kids to get art at home. I brought this Draw Manga Drawing Kit book was able to draw the images rather easily. My boys each picked a character from the book for me to draw for them. It was cute seeing the personality of each one is reflected in the character they selected. I forgot how relaxing it is. I guess my journey right now is a journey back to me... getting back to doing the things I once loved doing and doing them often enough to keep it up and get better at it.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I feel most centered when I am in touch with the simple things that bring me back to me. Writing is my creative outlet but when I can't write, drawing expresses the raw emotion and bite I'm trying to express or let loose.


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