Hello Lover!!!

Sex N The City introduced us to a character Carrie Bradshaw who was in love with a big city-NYC. On the other side of the country, along a different coast, there's a lady in love with her whole state, California! "Hello Lover!!!" I breathe as I walk, bike, or jog through one of its many parks. I love to live as a tourist in my own state, and city. Ever since I can remember, I've gone places and took my camera with me photographing everything that caught my eye. I'm just beginning to open up the vault and share my pictures. They've been sitting on my hard drive for years.

I recently read an article in Westways about a women who did a weekend walking vacation with a friend and walked from Hermosa Beach to Malibu. They walked about twelve miles each day and stayed at nice hotels to rest for the night. Every once in a while I come across people, books, or articles that blow my mind with a new idea of what is possible, or a new venture (a subculture) of something I have yet to try. Why didn't I ever think of that! I started brainstorming how I could do this by the end of this summer.

At the time California is in the media a lot for it's fiscal troubles, the hillsides boast the most amazing colors. I'm thoroughly enjoying Spring.


  1. One of my favorite things to do is get lost in NYC streets but especially central park. But I think your right, we are very lucky to live in this amazing state. There is so much beauty you just have to open your eyes and appreciate the scenery and not just see it as a blur. Thanks for your in sights and blog.

  2. Hola! I'm your newest follower - found you through Latina Blogs.
    I love California. I'm an Arizonan (not proud at the moment - ugh!) but we spend summer vacation in Cali. We got married in Sonoma - the entire state is gorgeous. Would love to see more photos!!


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