Somewhere In Between

Even better than finding my diaries is reading them to my boys. I enjoy hearing them giggle and seeing them learn about my younger self, before I was their mother.

I signed up for an online writing class at UCLA Extension. I fell in love with the variety of nonfiction classes they offered. It looks like they have enough online writing courses to complete the Certificate Program without ever having to visit the campus.  I’m excited and hope it goes well.

I had signed up at other extension courses to smaller schools before only to find the class cancelled after months of anticipating and scheduling it in my calendar. Once I didn’t find out about the cancellation till the morning of the class. I made the best of things by doing a write-in with another lady who had shown up. We talked most of the time.

We had an active weekend with a long bike ride, soccer scrimmage, and run. I missed having weekly writing classes for both the camaraderie and inspiration.


  1. I remember when my mom found her diaries and then promptly hid them from me. Her reason? "The 70's were a very different time."

    I've always thought about taking an online writing class. Keep us posted about your experience!

  2. ..Writer, I will. Maybe you'll sign up and we'll be online class mates.

  3. You sound like a very active person, Writing, biking etc. I always wanted to write, but always get the cart before the horse if ya know what I mean.. I have shoveled out my entrance 4 times today and the damn stuff keeps coming, the plow truck came twice.. Snowed in.. yvonne

  4. Your life sounds like mine, ten years ago. But I didn't get down to the 'business' of writing--I was too busy teaching and mentoring. Now I get to pull up my ergonomically correct chair, and write, write, write! I'll be following you! Susan kane


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