A New Year

One year is out and another quickly fills in. I welcome 2011 with open arms. I blogged 33 out of 52 weeks last year. I plan to continue my goal to blog at least once a week in a effort to check in, feel my pulse, recalibrate if I have to.

I don't have an obsessive list of new years resolutions but I do have goals for the new year. In general, I plan to turn my baby steps into leaps and bounds, to be more fearless, and continue to follow my bliss and enjoy each moment.

2010 was the start of many adventures. I met my Sacred Writing Circle, traveled to Alaska with my family and NYC with my sisters and husband, spent many nights reading poetry or science-fiction with my boys and husband in our nest, took long drives with lots of conversations with my sister on our way to writing groups and classes, did a mini writing retreat with my sister, wrote some travel pieces, joined a soccer league, played and ran with my kids and husband, ran several half marathons, read a lot of good books, attended four very memorable writing workshops from kick-ass women writers, started a blog, did an open mic night, and saw four unforgettable plays. I'd say it was a awesome year.


  1. It sounds and reads like an incredible year. I love your blog and am glad it was one of your DOs for 2010. Keep it up and I hope to read 52+ posts this year and hopefully one day a book!

  2. Sounds like you had a pretty full year! Hope 2011 is just as full as last year.

  3. Raven and Elvia,
    Thank you. My blessings and best wishes for you too also in the new year.


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