My Sacred Circle: A Writer's House

My sister and I met our Sacred Circle (writing group) at one of the writer's house in November. It was everything I imagined a writer's house to look like. I opened the gate of the white picket fence and entered  through a white trellis with colorful flowers dangling from the top. Large trees gave the front entry shade, while the colorful flowers and the water fountain added a retreat like feel to the house. Inside artwork hung all around the walls, cultural artwork that made evocative, unapologetic, sexual, sensual statements. And then there were the books, all over the office and throughout the house. I thought I had books. Not! There were more books than I think I'd ever have the time to read. After we shared appetizers, we sat around a large table and a few of them, but not me, shared their work. It was a completely different feel than being at a bookstore patio with the cold wind, a metal seats and table, and noisy nosey passer-bys. Here it was fitting that we were surrounded by books and outspoken art as our only witnesses.


  1. That is so neat. A support group keeps you motivated in writing.

  2. Thanks Homemaker! They sure do! They are a phenomenal group of women.

  3. that sounds like so much fun, it's always nice to be in a circle of people with common interests. I guess that's why I joined so many groups too. There is that passion for something you share that others don't have. It's amazing to me how many of my close friends don't see art or books the way I do. I guess they don't look for inspiration because maybe they don't feel they need it in their lives but I can't live without it. Go figure. I try to inspire them but they always give me the look like I'm crazy. So, I joined groups outside my circle of friends to find people with common interests.

    Happy Holidays, may you have a blessed one!

  4. Hi Maria and Toyin,

    Yes, I'm so lucky to have my Writing Circle because I do get blank looks when I talk about writing to friends that don't write. They make faces like I'm talking about flossing someone's else's teeth... as if to say... really you like that huh...
    Having them is a big relief.


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