Go Your Own Way - Women Travel the World Solo

I'm devouring the book, Go Your Own Way. It’s a collection of travel essays by a very diverse group of women who travel abroad solo. The stories are as unique as the women and the places themselves. Julianne Balmain in Wolf Pleasures purposefully travels unaccompanied in New York City to follow her own whims in search of a perfect breakfast, while Holly Morris chases wild boars through the jungles of Borneo in Snake Eyes of Borneo.

Traveling abroad alone can be a dream or nightmare. Stephanie Elizondo Griest is reluctantly alone in Abandoned in Uzbekistan when her travel companion takes off and she has to wait for her visa to clear. But Alexia Brue breathes a sigh of relief when her clingy travel buddy decides to join their college friends on the Eurail in French Laundry.

Even though we are by ourselves, we are never really alone thanks to the kindness or insistence of strangers. In Resisting Florence, Lucy McCauley declines an invitation from a kind stranger to go and take a look where a crowd had formed to see the “Perseo”. Traveling alone, Lucy doesn’t let her guard down, not even for a handsome friendly Italian old man. After he leaves, she curiously wanders to take a look and realizes she would have missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime had it not been for the thoughtfulness of a stranger. Katie Krueger befriends a persistent local she was trying to shake off and almost falsely accused of steeling her wallet in Unwelcoming HospitalityWhile traveling alone through Mexico, Michele Peterson decides its time to move on when nosey hotel clerks, intent on preserving her honor for her husband, spy on her in Armed and Dangerous.

I’m half way through the book and enjoying each adventure.


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