Remembering Alaska

In August my family and I took an unforgettable cruise to Alaska. I took from that vacation several ideas for travel articles and have since written about my adventures in articles such as How to Avoid Overspending While on a Cruise.

One of the most memorable things we did was zipline in Skagway, Alaska. I wrote a travel article about it on AC, Ziplining in Skagway, Alaska. I had been wanting to zipline with my husband and sons for some time and I'm glad we finally got a chance to do it.  

The guides were young men from Oregon who took the Alaskan Marine Highway System to spend an adventuresome summer in Alaska. One guide called Smiley seemed to have a smile that emanated from his bones. He looked so blissed out, it was hard to image he'd ever had a parking ticket, or gone through any sort of trauma, or disappointment in life. I expected to find that sort of happiness from a Buddhist Monk not some 18 year old. I made a mental note to encourage my boys to spend the summer in Alaska when they become young adults.

There were many Unforgettable Moments at Sea Aboard the Alaskan Sapphire Princess. One of them was when my boys and fellow passengers played with the wind at the front of the ship. Another was swimming on the pool as the ship sailed. The ships motion made swimming in the pool feel like I was in the ocean.

I followed my curiosity into Dolly's House, the home of Ketchikan's most famous Madam and came out with more questions than when I went in.

When I go through the process of jotting down notes, writing a rough draft, and making corrections, I re-live the experience and enjoy it for a second time. And then whenever I get new comments from readers, I get to enjoy it again and again knowing that my adventures and stories live on.


  1. What a great trip! Thanks for sharing the photos :)

  2. Someday, maybe someday, I'll get to Alaska--this has made me want to go even more. Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Thanks Kendra and Mohamed!
    I hope you get to go someday. Check out the Alaskan Marine Highway System which sails through all the same ports as the cruise liners and is much cheaper.

  4. Wow what a fabulous trip! All that lovely sunshine too. We could do with some of that here in the UK. :O)


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