Casa 0101 Writers' Workshop

I've been attending a Josefina Lopez's writing workshops on Tuesdays in Los Angeles with my sister. It is an unforgetable learning experience. Josefina opens herself up and shares her professional experiences with us so that we can learn and move ahead in our own writing ventures. She clearly wants us to succeed. The classes are three hours long but I'm immersed the whole time so it feels like only twenty minutes. Each class is only $10. The best part is how much real world experience we learn from her. We leave the workshop with a long drive home but excited and contemplating the possibilities. With Josefina it feels like anything is possible if you pursue it. I get home late, wrap my arms around my sleeping husband and fall asleep completely blissed out.


  1. The workshop sounds awesome! Wish it was nearby.

  2. sounds like a cool workshop and totally worth the three hours.

  3. It is and the way we came across it was fate. I was in L.A. for a conference. I had invited my sister since I would be out of the room all day, I figured she could stay at the hotel and write all day. I told her to look for a museum or restuarant we could visit after I got out of the conference, and she found Josefina's workshop. Even though I had just been through 8 hours of technical training sessions, once I was in the class, I was re-energized and focused because the class was just so interesting and insightful.


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