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I came out to the balcony to write. I felt like being a little creative and working on a project. Outside I can feel the breeze and hear the waterfall and birds chirping. The wind rustles the tall palm tree branches and they make a nice soothing symphony.

I've debated what to do with these small pockets of time I come across. They come more often now. I'm not working on a book or movie. I blog, I read, I post slideshows of my pictures. I have time for small projects like that. I like writing feature pieces on places or events that inspire me as a way of sharing with the world something I found and would recommend.

I'm kind of working on moving towards that next step of actually being published in a magazine or as part of a collection of poems or short stories. [There I said it.] I'm just putting it out there in the universe. I thought I would have had to ramble another paragraph or so before I finally came out to say it. You hear all these wonderful stories of things just falling into place when your dreams are in line with your actions and you are moving towards them. So here I go, taking baby step by baby step towards an invisible goal. I someday do want to write a book of my life but for now, maybe I'll just begin with some short stories. While I'm at it... I'm also seeking a writing mentor. I've been surrounded by engineers and teachers most of my life but I have yet to know a professional writer personally. I've been blessed with three young boys. I'm thoroughly enjoying this time of my life with them. My youngest is now 7 and I'm just beginning to ask myself what I'll ever do with this writing.  For now, it's a creative outlet.


  1. Thanks for following my blog and leaving a trail back to yours! You have a wonderful space here :)

    I've been enjoying the same thought patterns as you lately. Living life with intention -- saying you'll do something and not stopping there -- is what it's all about. Go out and do it! We can have it all!

    Best of luck with your writing. I look forward to reading more from you!

  2. It's great that you are putting yourself out there in the universe. That's the first step.

    Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower of my blog. :)

  3. Thanks for following my blog. Your writing is very evocative. Do you write for grown ups, children, or both?

  4. Thank you for your kind words everyone.
    They mean a lot to me. I'm enjoying the journey and that's what really matters. I enjoying writing for both adults and children. I love writing I want to try it all, even song writing.

    Best Wishes,


  5. You are taking those first important steps, so your dream will be a reality before you know it.

  6. sounds like you have some good goals. best of luck on your journey toward achieving them.


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