Art As A Healer of Stumped Emotions

I've been drawing more Manga Characters since I bought my first art book, Draw Manga by Christopher Hart, back in April. Since then, I have put together a slideshow on Associated Content where I'm building a small community of fans. It's encouraging to receive their feedback. I can tell it's time for me to draw, write, or blog again because I start getting a little cranky or irritable if I haven't been creative in more than a week. I don't know why I didn't realize this sooner. I always blamed my edginess on my busyness but never on my lack of practicing and honoring my creative spirit. I am a creative type. I'm also gifted analytically. I went the analytical route in my most of my career and life. Returning to my art is always a treat, like a fresh piece of fruit after eating a heavy marbled steak. I need my artistic veggies to help me digest what life throws at me sometimes.  I liked this Magna character the best because it most accurately captures my spirit. I grew up wearing glasses, usually have my hair gathered, wear bangs, and my eye brows are slightly mismatched due to my own plucking, but with eyes wide open. It's my avatar.


  1. Heyy!!!
    This is Nice!! I generally sketch alot of flowers and cartoons!!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean by getting cranky if you don't create every so often. I'm the same way. When I'm in a funk and something is making me itch inside, I have to "make" something, whether it's playing in the dirt in my garden, baking some bread, canning, writing--whatever, I have to create to reclaim my sanity. And, if I don't create regularly, that's usually what begins the itchin' inside. I just stumbled upon your blog. I like it! Keep creating!


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