Life Hack: DIY Bleacher Seat Cushion

One of the staples I keep in the truck of my car is my DIY bleacher seat cushion.
Its a flat thin recyclable bag with a folded picnic blanket inside.
This DIY is so simple, it seems too common sense to blog about. But I will since it phases me why anyone would buy one of those foam seat cushions I see on sale at sporting good stores and events. This one is on sale for $15!

My DIY bleach seat cusion is way more functional than a manufactured bleacher seat cushion which has only one purpose.

Having a blanket conviently stored inside makes it multifunctional.

 You have a blanket on hand for those chilly early morning meets. And any time we are at outdoor events with my mom or inlaws, I'm prepared for the evening cold for them as well.
 A shade for the afternoon sun.
Fold it length wise for a multiple seat cushion, to reserve extra seat space, or to spread out your legs.
(As a track mom of three sons, I can been on the bleachers for hours. I'm writing this blog from the bleachers.)
And there's the convienence of always having a blanket in your car for an instant picnic opportunity.
And for those long rides home at the end of the night, I throw the blanket in the back for the boys so they can fall asleep more comfortablely or use as a head rest. I've even used it to conceal items in my car and to protect my leather seats when I buy small furniture from the store.

It's the simplest most convenient thing.
What's a staple you keep in your trunk?