Safari Books Online

Although I still love to hold a paperback in my hands, for the last few months I've been addicted to reading books on my tablet now that I have access to a seemingly endless amount of books online via Safari Books Online. I was able to get free access through my work since I'm in a technical field and Safari specializes in technical books. They have a wide collection of online books and videos ranging in subjects from photography, programming, networking, personal, and professional development.

I love to browse the collection and add books to my reading lists. I have found and read books I probably would not have purchased since they are outside my field, but being that they book is free and I'm curious about the subject, I'm able to browse books from the comfort of my bed and I end up reading it to completion since I like what I'm learning.

I would have been very reluctant to pay for an online library such as this in the past, but now that I've grown to love having an endless library at my finger tips, I wouldn't want to be without it. My paperbacks are on the shelf for now. I'm enjoying reading from a variety of subjects on my tablet. I also used to think that I'd get too distracted reading on my tablet that I'd jump online but that hasn't been the case either. I'm eager to finish the books I've started and my interests in social media have dwindled.