After the Marathon

After I completed the Las Vegas Marathon in December I wondered what other challenges I could take on. Unlike other runners who immediately contemplate their next race or make plans to improve their time for their next marathon, the marathon was like something I checked off my bucket list.  I set my sights on other activities like writing and surfing and meditating. 

I'd always admired surfers ability to ride a wave. I don't even care if I'm bad at it, I just want to try to ride a board and if I'm able to stand and ride a wave then all the better. 

I started sitting in my car writing during my lunch breaks and I sent work out. Got rejected. And one of my monologues might get into production. I continue to journal daily, mostly for the sake of my memory and it helps keep me organize my thoughts. I used to use it more often to vent, though now I use it to plan and ask myself insightful questions. Its sort of like a workbook for me. 

I've learned the value of meditating and enjoy doing so everyday. Life is a balance act. I played soccer and I ran with all my heart as a defender and realized how out of shape I've been since I stopped running so I've started cycling and doing the hula hoop again. I signed up for a local mud run. It will keep me motivated to train.