The Benefits of Empty Space

When my husband and I moved in to our new home over a decade ago. We brought with us one child, our first born son. I quickly filled our three bedroom home with hand me down furniture and clutter without giving it much thought.  I know my mom meant well when they gave me the extra bed, night stands and dresser to decorate the spare room we had so it wouldn't be empty. But I realize now, there is a benefit to the emptiness. In the void of clutter, there was a blank slate where ideas and possibilities lie waiting on the white walls. With a full bed and ugly bedspread, I closed the door on the spare bedroom which I quickly labeled a guestroom without giving it much thought.

Years later, the guest bedroom is filled with my other two sons' beds. It didn't occur to me to claim the spare bedroom for my own til I came across a blog contest a while ago. Women submitted pictures of their "mommy caves" for a chance to win a gift card. I love to browse through some of them for ideas on how to make the most of small spaces. And by small I mean there's several examples of women who converted their closet space into an office.

I have since carved out a couple of spaces for myself including my balcony which I have written about before and writers desk which is in the hallway landing of my house. My husband removed the cabinets which I kept clutter in and we made that space into a tiny office. I owe you a picture of my writing desk. Right now its a mess.... so you'll have to wait.

I meant to blog about this probably since last year. There's so much going on right now to write about and I know it seems a little frivolous in this economy. But the message here is to claim the space that you do have. The Mom Caves in the the link range from simple to dreamy but it's good to see women carving out a special space for themselves with the home they share with their families.