Safari Park Half Marathon

On Sunday, March 13, my husband and I ran the Inaugural Safari Park Half Marathon. Even though we left with plenty of time to park the car and pick up our race packets, event traffic and road closures  caused us to miss the official race start of this sold out event. We had to park a mile away and walk back to the start line. On our way, I took pictures of the runners as they made their way out of the Safari Park parking lot along mile 1. We continued and started the race uneventfully with a handful of runners who were also delayed by traffic. As my husband pointed out, its an inaugural event so they have to iron out the kinks with each successive event.

It was a beautiful race. The course was scenic, hilly and challenging. And the weather was perfect for a run, cool but with clear skies.We passed green farms and saw cows feeding off moist dewy grass. We ran inside the park and saw wild animals. I don't have pictures of any of that. Once on the run, I didn't take any pictures since I was already running late. I decided I'd better concentrate on the run before they remove the road blocks.

Some of these running or cycling events you do once in a lifetime for the experience. And some become your annual must do event. The Safari Park Half Marathon had a good vibe to it. The weather and course were pleasant. Even as I was limping for a mile back to my car after the race, I knew I would do this event next year.

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  1. Looks like a great day! Congratulations on completing the run!

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Thank you, it was a challenge since I don't train like I should. It was a very memorable day. Do you run?


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