A Bit About the California Weather

It's windy today. I felt an icy chill on my face in the morning and I buried my hands in my jacket as I walked into work. I live in Southern California so I can't complain about the weather. But I wanted to write about it because it is worth noting that my lover of a state has been moody.

For the last year, the weather in my Inland Empire city has been unpredictable and a lot cooler than normal. I've lived here over a decade and our summer temperatures would used to range from 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit. We hated the summers here. We used to not want to leave our air conditioned house in those hot months to drive anywhere because we would get burned by the car when we try to open the car door and then we'd have to sit on a towel to avoid burning our buns on the car seat heat while we wait for the air conditioner to come on. In 2010 towards the end of summer, we had 5 consecutive days of really hot weather like we used to have. Then it got cloudy and cold all of a sudden as if someone had changed the dial of our weather channel. The weather has been alternating unpredictably from rainy, cold, warm, warmer, cloudy, breezy, beautiful, with an occasional hot day sprinkled here and there. Overall, it's been great weather especially considering everything that is happening around the world. I'm just saying it's not our usual weather.


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